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Is it possible to be freelance electronic engineer?

Question asked by Saguat Sigdel in #Coffee Room on Aug 13, 2015
Saguat Sigdel
Saguat Sigdel · Aug 13, 2015
Hi, First of all, forgive my poor English.
I've completed my bachelors degree in electronics and communication engineering. But I am from an underdeveloped country Nepal located at south Asia. I have sound knowledge for the subjects in this field and my interest is in electronic circuit design and embedded systems. There are no opportunities for this field in my country and i cannot change my geographical location due to some family problem. Besides I have a good knowledge of programming in languages like java, c/c++, python, matlab, and some markup languages like html, xml along with javascript. I am currently working as an android application developer, but this field doesn't satisfy me because my real interest is in electronic circuit design and embedded systems.
I've seen people freelancing software projects, they just do their project in sitting in a place without being involved in any office.
Is it possible to do the same for electronic circuit design projects and embedded system projects (project using cad tools like altium designer, multisim, pspice etc.. or some other way)? If possible then from where should i start to reach my dream? Please Help me I am in a great confusion and cannot take any decision regarding my career. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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