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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 3, 2011

iPad 2 Magnetic Smart Cover Is Impressive [Video]

Apple has history of innovation and they do launch something 'new' in most of their product unveiling videos. Steve Jobs" target="_blank">launched the iPad 2 yesterday, but what impressed us more than the device is the 'Magnetic Smart Cover'. It's no brainer that the Smart Cover is something almost all devices are going to follow in future. Check out this official Apple video about the Smart Cover -

One of the most wanted things in iPad 2 would have been Gorilla Glass that can actually take hammer on it. Apple had to do something to protect iPad2's screen from fingerprints and accidental damage. So they invented the 'Smart Cover' - a magnetic cover that attaches itself to the iPad via magnets and does more than what you'd expect it.

Smart Cover solves multiple problems. First, it protects the screen. Second, it keeps your iPad always ready. That is when you cover your device with the Smart Cover, it will put iPad to sleep and when you remove it, iPad will turn on automatically. Plus, it sticks to the iPad with magnets, so it takes out all the extra efforts to put the device into a leather cover. There are two versions of the cover available, Polyurethane and Leather, the later are obviously priced more than the former. Of course, there's a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.


The Smart Cover can be folded and this simple addition makes it even more useful. You can rest the iPad on the table for easy typing and reading or even make it stand vertical as a digital photo frame. We're impressed by the Smart Cover. Are you?

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