Name: Manasseh Dickson Annan

Engineering Trade: Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

Location: Ghana.

Occupation: Student/working

Work Experience: 3years.

Hobbies & Interest: Listening to Gospel music.

Aim in Life: my aim is to be a good Engineer managing a lot of projects.

I joined CrazyEngineers because: i am looking for final year project.



  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Welcome to CE Manasseh.
  • maria flor
    maria flor
    Welcome to CE!!!:welcome:
  • ShrinkDWorld
    Welcome to CE family.๐Ÿ˜

    Nice intro.
    Take a part in discussions.
  • massehdb
    thanks to all
  • narayana murthy
    narayana murthy
  • Gurjeet Singh
    Gurjeet Singh
    welcome here ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Welcome Mate!!! Check out #-Link-Snipped-#
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    Welcome to CE. Looking forward to see you active on board.
  • Peyton
    Welcome you ll in this forum,.
    I thinks its the best source of getting information ideas among each others,.
    keep stay here.,.
  • gohm
    Welcome aboard the CE forums!
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    :welcome: Welcome to CE, Manasseh!

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