Introduction to Parrallel port programming

I'm new with parrallel port programming and I would like to obtain Simple introductory lecture material for this course.Could any one of you be having any links to such material and if possible I would also like to know the relevant introductory books in this area and how I can obtain them.


  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    hey tommy,

    I'm not a hard core techie guy to solve your problem. So I suggest you post this question in the help section. We have engineers from various back grounds, some one might be able to help.

    I also suggest you to search on the net, you may get some thing.
    Also check out this link:
  • xheavenlyx
    Re: Introduction to Parallel port programming

    Use the search function that is provided to you on the forums! I have written a very basic Parallel port programing tutorial in 2 parts.

    If you find the tutorials, you will also find very useful links to other sites which provide in depth explanation. So search the forums for once.😉
  • thin_master
    There is a very good book written by a person named Jan Axelson. The name itself is "Introduction to parallel port programming".

    The basic funda is that you will get memory address, like 8 bit. You can wirte into it and those bits will come out of the parallel port. For a parallel port there are 3 such 8 bit things. Once data port, one ocntrol port and one status port.

    The rest you learn from the book. Its a really good book .
  • sd_C_E
    May the following link help you:

  • xheavenlyx
    Thanks for posting the links and books! It will help others mwho are looking for similar information.

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