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@Avijit Swami • 29 Jul, 2015 • 4 likes
My self Avijit Mondal ,a student of E.E. 7th sem from Asansol Engineering College.Now I am going to share my internship story with

When I was at my 6th sem then I got a news that CHITTARANJAN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS has arranged for a summer internship for 1 month . Actually my close friends ,whose father are the employee of CLW share that information with me. Then I went to CLW , read out about the notice ,Ref No.-TS/CTI/VT/2014 ,Dtd on.-23/12/2014. I thought that it is a golden opportunity for me as because CLW is the world’s largest vertically implemented workshop and India’s largest electric loco production unit ,it has about 60 no of shop. And it is going to produce the latest WAP-9 type loco. As the no of sit for intern was very limited and the selection was totally marks basis. So quickly I fill up the application form and got the noc from college, submitted it to CLW technical training centre.

After the semester exam I got the news that I become selected for internship.It was a very happy moment for me.

Now it is the time to talk about the things happened in those days of internship .Our total internship period was divided into some phases. First two days was about the introduction and regeneration of clw ,like its establishment, how it become a self depended workshop ,all the spare parts even a small screw ,it produce within clw.

Then they sent us by forming a group of 13 students for practical training into the workforce of clw. About Fifteen thousand employee works there. Then from the next day we met the Senior Section Engineer of different shop like ELECTRIC REPAIRING SHOP (ERS) ,TRACTION MOTOR SHOP (TM-21, 22 ,23) ,CENTRAL POWER HOUSE (CPH) , TRACTION MOTOR DESIGN OFFICE(TMDO) , ELECTRIC LOCO DESIGN OFFICE (ELDO), ELECTRIC LOCO ASSEMBLY SHOP (ELS-19),ARMATURE WINDING AND DESIGN SHOP , STATIC SHOP ,MASTER CONTROLLER UNIT ,and a lot of shop .

Actually our task was to take the overview from the workshop and make a Project on the electic locomotives .For this purpose regularly we reached at clw 8 am at morning and we went to the workshop and talked with the employee about the mechanism and technology of electric locomotives. We have given a special look on loco master controller and aramature design of traction motor.

Thus throughout these days we achieved really some important knowledge over locomotives.

Ultimately I will conclude that my internship story will be quite interesting to the readers of

My message to the internship seeker that you guys must keep an interest in mind for innovation and hardworking , it will lead you people towards a successful intern.


Duration: 1 MONTH
@ABHINABA P • 30 Dec, 2019 • 2 likes

When did your Summer training at CLW started?

@Ankita Katdare • 30 Dec, 2019

@Abhinaba See this official notification for the Chittaranjan locomotive works internship program:

It is for the year 2019, so you can expect a similar one to appear for 2020.

1. Duration of the course - Two weeks in case of Diploma Engineering Students & four weeks in case of Degree Engineering Students
2. Number of interns to be trained - 300 Nos. in a yea
3. No. of batches – 05 Nos. each batch will consists of 60 student
4. Branches/discipline – Mechanical, Electrical, Civi
5. Commencement of Training – May every year.

You can also notice that there is an application form also attached at the end of that official notice. Those interested in this internship program can have to submit their application forms in the drop box in TTC/CLW/Chittaranjan which will be kept in TTC premises during office hours in every working days or may be sent by Post as well.

Hope this helps you.


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