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@Singh Ajay • 29 Jul, 2015 • 2 likes
I'm a Mechanical Engineer in Thakur College of Engineering and Technology which is in kandivali (E).
My internship detail is as follows:
Company: Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers LTD.
Department: Bagging & Material Handling Plant and Methanol Plant
Period of Internship: 15 days
Description:I have done my internship in second year of engineering in 2014.I got internship through our college.I did internship to get knowledge about how the work is going on in company and to get the practical knowledge, which i have studied in theory lectures.
I got the direct entry in the company through the college.We group of 3 students sended in Bagging and Material Handling Plant and Methanol Plant,here we have seen the different bagging plants like SUPHLA BAGGING, UREA BAGGING, ANP BAGGING.The material is stored in silo.Material like UREA, ANP etc is carried to the bunkers by conveyor belts. The conveyor belt can carry 110 tonne per hour of urea. Stitching machine is used to stitch the bags. We have seen the disassembly of Gear Box, different types of coupling, different types of pumps.
In methanol Plant we have seen the followings
  1. Desulpharization: To avoid positioning of methanol synthesis and to remove the sulpher.
  2. Reforming section: This is the heat recovery section.
  3. Synthesis and waste heat recovery and methanol separation
  4. Distillation process.
Our mentor for internship was senior engineer who had 20 year of work experience in RCF company.We all are so happy with this internship.

- By Ajay Singh
College: Thakur College of Engineering and Technology
Internship @ Rashtriya Chemcals and Fertilizers LTD
Duration: 15 days
@mighty_mohit01 • 16 Jun, 2017 • 2 likes How to apply? Jack required?

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