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@kanchanborade123 • 12 Jul, 2011
i want to interface GPS+GSM with pic uc. I need a basic algorithm for the same.
i want to use this into tracking based projects.

thank you
waiting for the kind reply
@shahrul • 13 Jul, 2011 GPS use UART with NMEA Protocol. Ex code GPS.
GSM use UART with AT Command. Ex code GSM.
Then, if you want combine that, you need PIC with 2 UART.

You can do your own UART software, but it's also difficult. For better, you need to use dsPIC.
@Jeemon Joy • 17 Jul, 2011 Excuse me pls..
i want to do my final year project on GPS navigation...can i know from where to start there any microcontroller ICs having GPS module available in India?

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