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@honeytha30 • 02 Jul, 2010
hi.. pl suggest any innovative project for ece final yr that is easy and interesting!!
@Kaustubh Katdare • 02 Jul, 2010 Hello, please pay attention to the way you ask question. Are there any existing ideas in your mind that you think are innovative & interesting? If yes, share it with us so that we know what type of ideas you're looking at. I'd also recommend you to go through the ideas contributed by CEans in this section. I'm sure you will find lot of innovative and new ideas.
@honeytha30 • 13 Aug, 2010 actually my college askin to do the project by ourself.... i.e its should not be d one which is existing.... i don hav any idea about the title and how to start it.... so kindly give me some ideas lik any websites to prefer or some good topics... kindly let me know as soon as possible.... am a final yr ece student...
@honeytha30 • 15 Aug, 2010 thanks a lot for sugggesting dat... is it a ieee project????
@TAHIR_HUSSAIN • 17 Aug, 2010 , what is d best book 4 robotics.
To mke all basic and practical knowledge strong.
@Sumana E N • 11 Sep, 2015 can u suggest a new innovation in speech processing applications??

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