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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Jul 10, 2012

IndoorAtlas Makes Indoor GPS Possible Using Earth's Magnetic Field

GPS still is not sophisticated enough to give out the precise geolocation when we're indoors, because of all the metallic structures (buildings, pillars, etc.) interfering with the Earth's magnetic field. This makes the compass in your smartphone look useless, and to make this very compass NOT useless, map/app-maker IndoorAtlas have come up with a new smartphone app, using which you can even navigate the insides of a building in spite of the magnetic disturbances. In fact, these very magnetic disturbances guide the app making indoor-mapping possible.


The simplicity of the app could be viewed upon in the video below. The map-maker pulls a building's floor-plan blueprint and establishes it on a regular map, like the Google map satellite picture. Then the smartphone-ready map maker starts walking on the corridors within the building, where the phone tracks the magnetic vibrations as he moves, which is later uploaded to IndoorAtlas’s database. As soon as the map is ready, guests to the building can download the map and use it for navigation. Also, the maps demand no extra hardware to be installed within the building, like Wi-Fi. And as anybody with a floor-plan can end up as a map-maker, the number of inside-building-maps shall rapidly increase.

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