In the job markets, are the fresh grads beggars or choosers?

I was interacting with current students of my alma mater (long time ago) and almost all of them were concerned about getting into the 'right job'. I found that everyone believed that in the job markets, the fresh graduates are 'beggars' and not 'choosers'. This came up when I asked them that everyone should enquire about the job, ask questions and make sure that the job being offered to them is indeed the one 'they think' are getting.

It so happened that many people who thought they'd get a 'developer' role were ultimately put into support role in the organisations they joined - and the job profile was totally different than what they had imagined.

I want to ask our members what do they think about the topic?


  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    If you're a fresher, you're considered at the beginner level of any company.

    Say, you've studied everything about networking and also got certified at CCNA, don't expect to start making your own networks from the time you join. You'd have smaller roles at first (initial IP configurstions) and if you're working in a larger company, it'd take atleast a year before they allow you to start building your own networks (switching and routing).

    Unfortunately, engineering freshers are not considered as 'job ready' at most companies - experience is what matters a lot! Your work profile should help you build a career that you dream of. It's all pieces of a jicksaw puzzle that'll make sense only later on in life. However, before you attend the interview, be aware of what designation you're applying for and get the offer letter according to that.
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Most of the questions and topics we talking about these days somehow relate to the personality of any Engineering graduate.

    Again, if the person is confident he can choose what job he wants, or he can go into what job he gets.

    There is one more scenario, late in 2006 when I got recruited, we were about 70 odd people got selected on the same day.

    HR called me and asked me to join on a date, I was so happy that I got the job and didnt enquire anything about the type of job I am going to do.

    Later that day, I called him up and his answer was , you people will have to go through the induction first then as per the project requirement we would train you on what we want from you.

    At that time, I dont have something like I want this , so I am not sure but most of the people joining IT are OK with anything and everything!

    Depending on the college we studied and engineering branch we took i was moved into Testing, I dont know what was the criteria at that time.

    So in order the student to be choosers not beggars there should be a change in students and companies as well.
  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    Fresh Grads lack the most important thing that matters to these companies, Experience. But again, the jobs that are being created in IT sector every year is high as compared to other countries. Fresh Grads which are actually talented and capable of advancement, are the choosers for such market. They get to choose, what company they want to join, what type of job they want. But others on low percentage, dying to get a ₹20000 job, are beggars in true sense. No offense to them but its a fact. If you have good abilities, you ARE at a liberty to choose.

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