Image classification and detection-project

i am planning to do a project on image processing. It deals with input as an image and searches the database for similar images. Itll be similar to, but will be an offline application. i plan to implement it on Java programming language. i am not able to find the various algorithms related to image search and comparisons. Can anyone help in this regard?? I wish to do it by myself. I am not looking for readymade code.



  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Select Image mining and CBIR papers and do some research. It is not easy and you need to select the base paper. Post it here. We will go step by step
  • vigneshvdm

    I am doing project on cbir/tbir(text based image retrieval)
    a bag based re-ranking.
    first it will rank based on text then re-rank based on color features
    in my first phase i developed a system that could guess the contents in the image based on the
    color features and other features of image
    now i dont know how to extract text from images, like tiff format images
    i am developing in .net
    i used ocr tools but they are extracting the text into a bitmap
    how to get the text from bitmap image?

    p.s: i am your fan and i am in grasshopper network 😀

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