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IETF - The Invisible Task Force

Question asked by Leo in #Coffee Room on Nov 27, 2010
Leo · Nov 27, 2010
Rank B3 - LEADER
Have you ever wondered why Internet works so smoothly though there are several devices, protocols and continuous evolution in its architecture. You may find many times some company, organization or government authority suddenly comes up with something new in field of networking which has to be implemented immediately and still we never face any problem at all. Internet is one of the most complex networks ever existed and it still works fine, doesn’t it. Many organizations works towards betterment and evolution of Internet but they don’t really guarantee the compatibility of their work with presently flowing network, many modifications has to be done to implement successful working of new development kept before the previous one and of course this is one of the most tedious task.

[​IMG]A large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors and researchers concerned with evolution of the Internet architecture and its smooth operation works for the above cause. This community is known as Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The main task of this community is to keep smooth working of Internet in-spite of regular developments. When Internet was new in field of computing many evolutions to its design were done by different organizations concerned with its development which lead to incompatibility and fall of working condition in-spite of advanced technology. Hence a need was felt to stop this type of circumstances and when Internet Standard Scheme for Subnetting got developed organizations and companies felt now this should not fall down due to architectural incompatibility and it might be in year 1982 Gateway Algorithm And Data Structure Task Force(GADS Task Force) was built whose task was to keep system intact in-spite of regular developments in architecture of Internet.

Afterwards GADS Task Force got divided into Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and Internet Architecture Task Force (IATF). The main job of IETF always included with smooth working of Internet while IATF work included compatibility in architectures. IETF undertakes three meeting every year to keep various evolutions synchronized with each other. As we know it is open to anyone a student, a professional, a company or an organization anyone can give their helping hands to IETF. The work done by IETF is always patented under its own name so no organization or person can claim about work is done by them, contribution of work is always shared by whole community. Next if you want to join its free to join, no membership fee no submissions or sign ups. Once you participate in their work means you have accepted IETF rules and regulation of work. So if you want to join you will always remain invisible behind name of community and thus you will always remain anonymous behind your work and their are several such anonymous people working around to accomplish the task of smooth working of Internet thus forming an Invisible Task Force which is responsible for error free working of Internet in-spite heterogeneity in devices, protocols and architectures. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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