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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Apr 13, 2011

IBM Tool To Help You Predict And Avoid Traffic

Once we are stuck in traffic, all we think is about finding escape routes and cursing our brain about why we thought of choosing this road today. Imagine something that can detect traffic before you are actually on road and warn you before you choose your way.

[​IMG]IBM Corporation Researchers are working on a system that could detect traffic congestion for you. IBM is testing smartphone software designed to predict traffic jams and forewarn commuters.

Most of the smartphones have location sensing capability to track where they drive. The system can identify the patterns of commuters driving to and fro their destinations. Simultaneously, data can be collected from sensors on the road ways (that are commonly used for traffic maps) and it is analyzed to determine situations or conditions that usually lead to trouble in traffic. With a sophisticated analytic software in place and this database in place, the system can track the history of past traffic tie-ups and can easily predict where and when they will happen next.

California Center for Innovative Transportation at the University of California, Berkeley along with IBM are working on this project.

"Instead of just showing them look how ugly this looks, or what it looked like 5 minutes ago, let's give them an idea of what this looks like 30-40 minutes from now," IBM Smarter Traveler program manager John Day, said in an interview.

The service being developed is powered by a predictive analytics tool called the Traffic Prediction Tool (TPT) developed by IBM Research. Though this project is still in it's research stage, it could eventually be combined with train and flight schedule databases to get a complete picture of the commuters daily transportation infrastructure.

News Source: Yahoo News

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