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Husqvarna CR65 - The Racing Bike

Question asked by Farjand in #Coffee Room on Sep 2, 2011
Farjand · Sep 2, 2011
Rank C2 - EXPERT
If you have seen movies and the actors performing stunts on it, you would have probably noticed a certain type of bike with extra large mud guard. The bikes basically used for racing looks slim yet powerful. The bikes stand the roughness to which it is subjected while performing those stunts. The Husqvarna is able to do all this because of its strong make. The technical specifications and its pros and cons of one such bike i.e.; Husqvarna CR65 are given below.

Image Credit: Husqvarna

The bike sports a chassis of hollow oval tubing which forms the frame of the vehicle. The bike which is intricately carved for being highly competitive features a steering head inclined at an angle of 25.6° with respect to horizontal. This lets the rider have a good grip on balance. The streamlined body makes it easier to move with high speed. The basic features like suspensions and the related shock absorbing system of CR65 is something special. The rear end is suspended by Sachs rear shock and is really helpful in ducking uneven road surfaces.

We believe that the engine of CR65 is made for global presence and not just for Husqvarna championship. The bike boasts a 6 cylinder with air intake through a 24 mm carburetor called Mikuni. The engine is water cooled. The cooling action is done with the help of two radiators provided for the purpose. Moreover, the 6 speed gear box provides with you with high speed. The bike has 14/12" wheels and disc brakes with 4 and 2 piston calipers at the front and rear end respectively.  The front and rear discs are of 200 mm and 165 mm. The bike is light with a total weight of just 55 kg without fuel! The bike features a hydraulic clutch.

If you have used this bike, do share your experiences. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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