How to share internet connection without proxy software?

I have a laptop and a pc in my room. i am using gprs from airtel on my pc,i wants to work on both . how to i share internet connection without proxy software?

Pls . help!


  • Rocker
    Setup a wireless router. You can then share the bandwidthe between your laptop and computer.
  • teensdesire
    please mail me details about that
  • mahul
    u cd set up a bluetooth lan to connect the two pc's. u only need 2 connect ur phone 2 one computer and the second one can access net thro' lan.....just set the default gateway as the i.p. of the pc directly connected 2 ur phone
  • ambuja 28
    ambuja 28
    only on the nap service on ur phone and pc ,it directly acess

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