How to prepare for GD & PI


A great number of our CEans appeared for CAT and other exams. Step II of the admission process involves GD & PI.

I have following tips for people preparing for GD & PI -

1. Be a part of at least 15 mock GDs & 5 personal interviews. Join a local institute that conducts mock GDs and PIs. It helps a lot!
2. Read a lot on variety of topics. This will help you support your points with facts & figures.
3. In GDs, do NOT try to be a 'leader'.
4. In a GD, its okay not to 'open' the discussion unless you have a very good point. Be silent for some time. Collect whatever information you can related to the topic. Listen to others. Then, make an entry into the discussion with your best point.
5. In a PI, the key is to keep a cool head. If you can manage that, you've already won the 50% of the PI-War.
6. If you do not know an answer, take few moments to confirm that you 'really don't know' the answer. Have a set of words ready to say 'no'.
7. Speak with confidence.
8. Make sure you read and understand your own resume. Be prepared to answer questions based on your resume.

I'll add more tips later. 😀 All the best!


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