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eyez2kill • Aug 7, 2008

how to make a scissor lift??

please gurus help me,i need to make it as early as possible to get an A+
gohm • Aug 7, 2008
what scale? what load capacity? what size electric motor? manual or electric drive? Were are you at on the project so far, give more details please so we can help you?
hey u can simple lift the scirrors with ur hand!!!
Differential • Aug 8, 2008
How about a small rubber cap which will act on Vacuum priciple. Your robot will press that cap a little on scissor for it to hold the scissor.........But this has weight limitation..........! Again how will you remove it from rubble cap.....! A gentle force would be sufficient................!
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Aug 8, 2008
lol! Alright, a little confusion here. The scissor lift is like what you see at warehouses to lift big boxes and people up.

As what Gohm said, the scale is important. If you'd like to try a small prototype, get two of those scissor mirrors you'd find in hotel bathrooms 😉

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