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How to create a small EMP?

Question asked by Sean720 in #Coffee Room on Aug 19, 2012
Sean720 · Aug 19, 2012
There's a boombox at my work that's getting very old. Despite that my coworkers listen to horrible music that I cant stand to the point where I have to put in my headphones. They turn it up so loud, I can hear it through my headphones when my volume is all the way up.
Anywho, I thought of either creating an EMP to just end the life of the boombox or just creating a small jammer, making it unable to work correctly. Another idea I thought about was just taping both the negative and positive wires together with electrical tape, creating a short in the thing.

Either way, I want the thing dead because I know it's useless telling them to turn it down when all they will do is turn it up. I don't know exactly how to create an EMP but I know its destroys electronics. However, I don't it to be too big and destroy everybody's cell phones or anything.

How would you handle this? Posted in: #Coffee Room

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