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@ericsson • 19 Jan, 2009
How to calculate the power consumed by a capacitor which is connected to a line to improve powerfactor?
@vasanthmbs • 21 Jan, 2009 p=i^2(Xc)..
@ericsson • 24 Jan, 2009 The formula u have given is used to calculate the reactive power only. what we have to do to calculate the real power.....?
@icehari • 24 Jan, 2009 basically capacitors don't consume power, they store the power and release the power when a predetermined level is reached, But i have no idea to calculate the power consumed by capacitor..
@reachrkata • 27 Jan, 2009 No capacitors have pure capacitance, there is always a resistive component. If that is what you require, you can refer the datasheets to get the resistance value and use that to calculate the power dissipated.

- Karthik
@avm • 30 Jan, 2009 Pure capacitors and inductors do not consume power. The power assosiated with these are only reactive power unless there is some internal resistance. If there is some internal resistance, it will consume power.
@mimo11 • 03 Feb, 2009 Capacitors stores energy only and discharge it after voltage drop under a limit

you can calculate energy stored in capacitor using this law C* V^2

where C : capacitance of the system
V : voltage applied
@gargoor • 04 Feb, 2009 ideally , all the energy stored in capacitor during the positive portion of the power cycle is returned to the source during the negative portion, no net energy is lost due to conversion to heat in capacitor , so the true power is zero , actually because of the leakage and foil resistance in a practical cpacitor , a small percentage of the total power is dissipated in the form of true power ..
u can just calculate the reactive power wich is the rate at wich capacitor stores and returns energy . so its not zero , bcz at any instant in tme the capacitor is actually taking energy from the source or returning energy to it
P = V*I
P=V^2/ Xc
R=I^2 * Xc

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