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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 12, 2008

How many email accounts do you have?

There were times (about 9 years ago) when I was introduced to email and I opened an email account with every available email service provider.

I used hotmail for a long time and then switchd to (since it allowed me to have a simpler email like ) . I also manged a yahoo mail account for some time. 😁

Then came Gmail and I was one of the early adopters of Gmail 😁. Now, right now, I manage about 5 email accounts, each has a different purpose.

That's about me. I have 5 - what about you?
During my first exposure to email, I signed up with quite a number too! I got quite excited.. there was one email that you can have your name as the domain (ie for free. Anyhow, I forgot the password for many of them/

I got 5 different emails for different purposes:

Hotmail for chatting and casual emails.
Yahoo for formal emails.
Gmail for joining forums and mailing lists (sometimes for formal emails too)
University e-mail
and recently CrazyEngineers e-mail 😀

I got to admit, Hotmail has a really good spam filter now. Cant say the same for Gmail 😔
mahul • Mar 12, 2008
I created and forgot the passwords to quite a number of emails in the past, but these days i manage just two, one yahoo and one gmail. And yes, i also use a bunch of rediff id's just to send free sms' to my friends...😀
gohm • Mar 12, 2008
I used to have a lot for different uses however I would not check them and forget the login info. Now I have one main account with a couple disposable accounts connected to it, plus my work e-mail.

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