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kumar_shekhar86 • Sep 9, 2008

Help with Chrome web browser

can any1 provide me the information abt CHROME......the latest web browser by google....
i want to know how it works and its similarities with the MS Browser...
samboy2005 • Sep 9, 2008
chrome is actually better than IE , has all the feature's that IE7 had and is supposedly faster as well , does not eat up the memory like Opera or IE ,
you may even launch apps on your computer from it , but i still like my firefox !!
goto this link for all its features
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Sep 9, 2008

Chrome is based on the Apple web tool kit, meaning it renders its HTML as Apple's Safari browser would render it, that is different from both how IE renders HTML and how Mozilla engine (Gecko) based Firefox renders HTML.

That translates into different treatment and execution times for Javascript as well as all XML based protocols.

niraj.kumar • Sep 11, 2008
Well I would still prefer firefox its simple and have all the functionality which I need
kaliya • Sep 11, 2008

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 11, 2008

Really? I think that's an overstatement!
ankur8819 • Sep 18, 2008
I didn't like chrome at all...!! Only hype i guess..!!
Mozilla Firefox is good for me!
swaroops1 • Sep 19, 2008
Niranjan and Ankur are right ! !

Firefox has got a great add on modules like piclens, Coliris and a lot more.. you cannot compare a new born chrome with a gaint web browser like firefox which is leading all these years and winning so may fans..

I love firefox, Chrome is good for general browsing but it can't make us feel comfortable as firefox..
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 19, 2008
...and the famous firebug plugin! is available only on Firefox 😉 !
anki_0305 • Sep 30, 2008
try ie8 that's awesome
Raviteja.g • Oct 1, 2008
I think chrome is faster than IE but little bit slower than firefox !

The buzz the past few weeks has been the new browser from Google, mysteriously named Chrome.
While it might seem weird for a search engine company to enter into the fiercely competitive browser market, presently dominated by the worst browser on the planet Internet Explorer there is a method behind Google's madness.
People don't realise that Google has been a thorn in Microsoft's side for at least the last couple of years.
You may know that Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo, who turned down the offer of obscene amounts of money to keep doing whatever it is they do at Yahoo. And Microsoft already has a search engine, the underwhelming MSN.
My guess is Microsoft wanted to leverage Yahoo as well so they could go head to head with Google and try for a slice of the billion-dollar search engine scene.
The thing is that Microsoft, while generally acknowledged as being adequate at building operating systems, servers and office suites, is totally naff at everything else.
It seems to think that with enough brains, brawn and money, everything it does will turn to gold.
It is not good.isn't it?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 1, 2008
My common sense based take:-

Google wants to be the SINGLE dominant player on the Internet. They lead in search and now, they want to take on the world of browsers - which are supposed to replace our Operating Systems in future.

Microsoft, on the other hand knows that its impossible for them to beat Google without Yahoo. That's the reason why they tried to put in huge money to buy Yahoo. The efforts failed; mostly because Jerry Yang's own ego.

I personally want Microsoft to buy Yahoo - because that will maintain healthy ecosystem on the Internet. If Google continues to dominate, the world will be in danger. We do NOT need monopolies - for sure.
c.deepak257 • Oct 9, 2008
well chrome is faster than mozilla or any other browser but it is slower than IE....but there are many good features like incognitio window, which is used for private browsing, then there is the inspection element which is not working in the beta version as yet,there is also the thing that the address bar is converted to web based search rather than desktop based all these features make it good for the use....but it need some improvementas still not being much user friendly as the favourites are not seen on the top of the browser 😀 ...but surely google has kept many things in mind as there OS is soon coming 😀
Raviteja.g • Oct 31, 2008
can you explain me about plugins please(honestly)

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