HELP: Micro Controller AT89S51 and the like!

Hai Guys,

I'm doing a project onAutomatic Collision Detection and Acceleration Control using Multi Zone Transmission and Reception through RF technology and GSM communications. It's a project based on the use of a Smart Display and Control (SDC) on the automobiles, in order to reduce the possibility of accidents by alerting the drivers. It also includes applications like error and cause detection, dead reckoning and anti-theft applications. The main hardware used in this project is the AT89S51 Microcontroller. I have a few questions for which I need to find the answers:

1. What is the main use of this microcontroller in the SDC device and how is it different from ARM type and P89V51RD2 type of microcontrollers?
2. What is it's main advantage of using this microcontroller?
3. Is there a better microcontroller than this for the project mentioned?


  • Abhijeet Khandagale
    Abhijeet Khandagale
    ARM is much more advanced thing. PV89~ is an 8051 controller. AT series is from atmega is is much faster that 8051. the main advantage you get is speed, in terms of processing. an AT~ controller would be good for you, depending on your memory requirements you can use it 8, 16, 32 bit variants.
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    As Said by Abhijeet, ARM and P89V51RD2 is both different in context of internal structure.

    Well First Let me tell you something about Microcontroller (MCU) in your System you want to monitor some parameters and according to that you want to send some data to RF or GSM or GPRS device and further that will warn drivers right? So just imagine that whatever you want to do in this project you have write down that all thing into the format of code and that code or instruction will be written into MCU and after that MCU will monitor all the parameter and sends commands according to the code you have written.

    You got the point?

    Now about the selection of MCU. There are so many types of controller available. First analyze your project and then decide which MCU is better for you. If your code will be large you have to choose MCU which have good Memory if you want to process fast then you have to choose MCU which has fast calculation speed means which can supports high speed clock.

    Give some time to read some basic features of 8051 that will help you to go in deep in the world of MCU.

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