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heart rate monitor flowcode, help needed

Question asked by Stephenmccarth in #Coffee Room on Nov 3, 2010
Stephenmccarth · Nov 3, 2010
Hi all, ive currently undertaken a project to design a heart rate monitor using flowcode.. i plan to transmit the data to a laptop via bluetooth.. i have no experience with flow code atall besides an hour lecture but it is a requirement here. As i cannot find any usefull information on the net to help with programming a heart rate monitor using flow code, i am hoping to get some usefull information here. ofcoarse im not looking for some one to design the programme for me but to help set me along the right track.. thanks for any help ye can give.
Stephen Posted in: #Coffee Room
d_vipul · Nov 3, 2010
Rank C3 - EXPERT
Hey Stephen,

If you are new in this field then try using RS-232 communication that will be easy for you......
If you succeed in this then try using Bluetooth.......


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