Health tip for today.

Let's have a tip daily to live Healthy & Happily 😀

1. Take Grapes Daily or more often.

Eating grapes on a regular basis helps in the following ways.
- Reduces macular devolution and other eye problems.
- Controls the body cholesterol level, blood sugar level and Blood
pressure as well.
- Reduces cardiovascular problems.
- Helps in maintaining a healthy heart condition.
- Has antimicrobial properties that help in reducing risk of viral and
bacterial infection.
- Reduce problems related to arthritis.
- Brings glow to your skin.
- Gives more instant energy.
- It also contains essential vitamins such as vitamin A, C and B6.
- Apart from that they are also rich in folate, calcium, potassium,
manganese,zinc, iron which are very important to our health



  • Sahithi Pallavi
    Sahithi Pallavi

    2. Take Nuts(especially Almonds), Whole Grains(good to have them as Sprouts), Beans, Leafy vegetables, food with B Vitamin Daily.

    - Good for your Hair.
    - Takes care of your skin.
    - They are rich in yeast that takes care of your digestive system and Intestines.
    - Gives more energy.
    - Reduces your cholesterol levels.
    - Leafs give all the vitamins, Minerals required for your hair, eyes, skin.
    - Mostly less calorie food.

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