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Have You Heard About The Google Bomb?

Question asked by hackerboy in #Coffee Room on Feb 5, 2011
hackerboy · Feb 5, 2011
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Surprised after reading a bomb named after the most popular search engine in the world?
Well Google hasn’t started production of explosives but Google bomb is name of a practice (or you can say a malpractice!) to make alterations in the results which you see after you type a search string on Google search engine. Adam Methes coined the term Google bombing and to your surprise the first Google bomb dates back to 1999 and at that time anyone who typed the search string ‘more evil than satan himself’ found Microsoft’s website on top of search results . Creation of Google bombs can have many motives which include political rivalries, pranks and self promotion.

Google bombing is closely related to spamdexing. Spamdexing means deliberately modifying HTML pages so that there are more chances of that website being placed on top of search results for a particular phrase.  Spamdexing can be done in many ways, one of which is to posting unrelated phrases on website so as to modify the relevance of the resources indexed by a search engine. Search engines use many algorithms to display search results. Google uses 'PageRank algorithm' to determine the order in which search results are displayed. According to Google founders Lary page and Sergey Brin, who developed this algorithm, a particular web page is important if there are many links which lead to that web page. This makes sense because if a certain web page has good content about something  then other web pages will have links to this page. Now, this algorithm certainly has many flaws one of which is link-farming which means linking to a particular web page without thinking of relevance so as to increase its PageRank . People make use of such flaws to create Google bombs. One of the most famous Google bomb is ‘’miserable failure” which displayed the official biography page of former American president Mr. George W. Bush as top result on the search engines: Yahoo, Google and MSN.

Here is an example:

[​IMG]Note: Image is the Screen capture of the search results for "Miserable failure" prior to Google altering their search algorithm. The top searched "miserable failure" Google Bomb was canceled out as of 8/21/08. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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