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Google's new search update for restaurants is getting ready to serve you better

Question asked by Tilak Marupilla in #Coffee Room on Nov 8, 2017
Tilak Marupilla
Tilak Marupilla · Nov 8, 2017
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Tech giant Google, has made our lives easy by customizing every search, by aggregating it with the related data. While we saw it in a previous article, on how it is being applied to restaurants and business places, it has become inevitably difficult for a user to fix a particular time slot and experience a economical spending of his time. Now, Google has got ready to restraint this condition, with their new 'wait time' feature.


In Google Maps, when you search for a particular restaurant, it shows the possible foot fall for a particular time, and when clicked on the hour bar, it shows the wait time with labels of "busy" and "usually busy" based on the historical data of the users who opted for Google location history. This feature works with the 'Anonymized historical data' with which the erstwhile features of Google were rolled out.


Google has explained in the past, how it uses the data of mobiles, where some have pre-installed mechanism, which sends bytes of data from the users, who enable their location, while moving in their vehicles, where a comparison made with other users, could lead to a real time traffic data. In a similar way, aggregated data from the users locations are taken in to make this a 'wait time' feature.

This new feature being rolled out for Google Search and Google Maps will show the possible peak times for a restaurant and help users become more frugal in utilising their time effectively. How do you think this feature will help you? Let us know it, in the comments below.

Source: Google blog Posted in: #Coffee Room

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