Google plus ready to overthrow Facebook?

Unable to penetrate far into social networks, Google is trying everything to everything with a new approach, simpler and trying to capitalize on the shortcomings of its competitors. Enough to shake the Facebook & co?

The stone against the mountain
A wave of panic there in Mountain View? Impossible to ignore when we see the third attempt to break in three years! Is that front, the competition has not waited too long as the giant awakes. With over 750 million active accounts, the dominant architectural Facebook, partly supported by Microsoft, leaves hardly a millimeter of space to co-exist. The steamroller of Palo Alto has become in recent years the second most visited site in the world. Worse, sporadically, going regularly to Facebook Google, particularly in the United States.

For teams of Larry Page, it was high time to respond by offering a credible alternative to a competitor became too powerful for their liking. Especially when the opponent sets up on tens of thousands of sites through the buttons "Like" or "Facebook Connect" to register on other websites in seconds. Gradually Facebook weaves its own web and the Internet, the heart of the economic model of both companies, is beginning to escape from Google. By opening a browser, it is launching a more systematic search engine, but his Facebook page, use the least e-mail (and Gmail) because the message box of the social network is faster and convenient.

In short, for many, Facebook has become the starting point of navigation and the nerve center of "their" Internet.

Competition in nature
And if such a behemoth debunking did not look too complicated, others of importance have come be part of the battle by capturing sailing time available. First, the amazing Twitter to the top of its five years of age continues to grow with 200 million active users, 600,000 new registrants per day and 2,250 tweets per second, no less! Numbers fun when you put in parallel with about a certain Eric Schmidt (then CEO of Google) in 2009 which declared that Twitter was "messaging of the poor." To change his mind a few months later by signing an agreement to index content in real time on Google's site. A reversal of jacket betraying a serious lack of vision.

It would be unfair, if not dishonest, to claim that Google had not grasped early on the importance of social networks. From January 2004 - a month before Facebook! - Orkut is run without much enthusiasm. No luck, apart from a big hit in Brazil and India, the service will never convince the rest of the world. Two years later it was the turn of Jaiku, a micro-blogging site Twitter equivalent (released at the same time, history repeats itself!) And again the failure will be the appointment may be due a new distinct lack of support from a parent decidedly hesitant.

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  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Moving the thread to debate section from CS engineering section. I think Facebook is currently just way too big for Google to take them over in the game they made popular. Offering a similar service isn't the way to beat FB. Rather, there has to be a radically different way of letting people connect with each other. Google Plus will have to think something very innovative and stay in the Game until people get bored of Facebook and look for alternatives.

    Once upon a time in the history of Internet, Myspace looked too dominant. But things change with time. Google plus should keep improving and keep competing with FB.

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