GNOME Music App : Simple & Attractive

GNOME Music App for GNOME DE, is still under development. It's still under development & thus many features are still not added & not working. It's bit buggy too. But, it does the job of playing music files & even though it's still in development I would like to clear it out that it doesn't crash! Well, that made me to use this music player for last few days.
So, here are few screenshots which I would like to share :

Album View:

Artist View :
Screenshot from 2014-02-06 05:15:21

All Songs View (It queues as you add album, not alphabetically) :
Screenshot from 2014-02-06 05:16:22

If you're GNOME user, you should try this application. Me, being KDE hardcore fan, I still prefer Amarok over any music player! But, that's about QT framework based app, for GTK+ based music player, I think that GNOME music 'can' takeover Banshee or Rhythm. I am looking forward for some interesting features to be included in GNOME Music.

Share your opinions.


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