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General Who Never Lost A Battle- Remembering Shrimant Peshwa Bajirao I

Question asked by ISHAN TOPRE in #Coffee Room on May 4, 2012
ISHAN TOPRE · May 4, 2012
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History sights the death anniversary of Shrimant Peshwa Bajirao I today (Vaishakh Shuddha 13). He is distinguished to have achieved a feat that only two other managed to equal. He never lost a battle ever in his life. Sworn in as Peshwa (Prime Minister)of Marathas at tender age of 20, he was the major factor of increasing Maratha power in India.

He is often compared to Nepolean Bonaparte of France. History remembers him today in the following words-

J. Grant Duff says in the "History of the Marathas"

"Bred a soldier as well as a statesman, Bajirao united the enterprise, vigour and hardihood of a Maratha chief with the polished manners, the sagacity and address which frequently distinguish the Brahmins of the Konkan. Fully acquainted with the financial schemes of his father, he selected that part of the plan calculated to direct the predatory hordes of Maharashtra in a common effort. In this respect, the genius of Bajirao enlarged the schemes which his father devised; and unlike most Brahmins, of him it may be truly said- he had both- the head to plan and the hand to execute."

Sir R. Temple says in "Oriental Experiences"

"Bajirao was hardly to be surpassed as a rider and was ever forward in action, eager to expose himself under fire if the affair was arduous. He was accustomed to fatigue and prided himself in enduring the same hardships as his soldiers and sharing their scanty fare. He was moved by an ardour for success in national undertakings by a patriotic confidence in the Hindu cause as against its old enemies, the Muhammadans and its new rivals, the Europeans that were rising above the political horizon. He lived to see the Marathas spread over the Indian continent from the Arabian sea to the Bay of Bengal. He died as he lived, in camp, under canvas among his men and he is remembered among the Marathas as the fighting Peshwa, as the incarnation of Hindu energy."

Jadunath Sarkar says in his forward to "Peshwa Bajirao I and Maratha Expansion"
"Bajirao was a heaven born cavalry leader. In the long and distinguished galaxy of Peshwas, Bajirao Ballal was unequalled for the daring and originality of his genius and the volume and value of his achievements. He was truly a Cavalry Hero as king- or rather as a Man of action.' If Sir Robert Walpole created the unchallengeable position of the Prime Minister in the unwritten constitution of England, Bajirao created the same institution in the Maratha Raj at exactly the same time." Posted in: #Coffee Room
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · May 4, 2012
Rank A1 - PRO
Copy pasted stuff without mentioning of source. Thread closed.

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