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@Anoop Mathew • 23 Nov, 2011
hai folks. i'm having a real tough time trying to type this down here. it must be because i'm just starting to use a touchphone (this one belongs to my cousin). i'm beginning to wonder about the efficiency of these new gadgets. are the tech savvy gadgets that come out in the market actually built to save our time or rather waste it? why can't these giant companies who used to make tough phones in the past, come up with better versions of smartphones/tabs/pdas that are built to be used.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Nov, 2011 I've never been a fan of touchscreens. Even the iPad is useless when it comes to real use. The modern devices are aimed at entertainment.
@s3a • 24 Nov, 2011 I personally don't have one but they're made for entertainment rather than productive use. For productive portable use, a small 5 inch smartbook might be better.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 24 Nov, 2011
I personally don't have one but they're made for entertainment rather than productive use. For productive portable use, a small 5 inch smartbook might be better.
I'm more inclined towards the Samsung Galaxy Note.
@s3a • 24 Nov, 2011 That does look pretty nice. I'd like to have a device like that to do my homework in the bus but I try to avoid actual phone capabilities for the potential health risk. I'm considering a cheap generic ipod touch from a small-ish local store but I'm not sure if it will be worth the investment.
@Anoop Mathew • 26 Nov, 2011 If PDAs that looked like mini laptops that were the size of the of the old Digital Diary (such as Casio's SF3990) were introduced! with a touch screen as well as a rigid body and full keyboard! Also, the flexible LEDs are a dream!!!
@Rupam Das • 28 Nov, 2011 I find my E63 age old Nokia Phone Way better than the modern ones. Purchased a Samsung Galaxy few months back and was really not satisfied with what I wanted. I type many of my articles and blogs with my Corby Keypad and rarely could do it with Galaxy. So I dropped the Idea of an iPad and planning to go for a 8" mini netbook. Touch Screen really s**ks.
@Mr.Don • 07 Dec, 2011 of-course, these days many gadgets were aimed at entertainment more than for the real purpose, may be to increase their market attracting more people, providing entertainment with application but with the enhancement in technologies these days I'm sure that the problems will be resolved sooner or later while some mobiles are very good at it. Blackberry, HTC provided some useful purposes and now Galaxy Note is attracting attention of many people.😘

I enjoy touch screens, especially for Nokia 5800 XM, even though it is made with resistive touch. It's working fine. All these motion sensors, LED touch screens attract me a lot and at the same time I struggle pressing keys of mobile all the time 😳 . 👍 for Gadgets today.
@Gandalf • 08 Dec, 2011 • 1 like I believe that the Tech Gadgets save time at large and connects us with the world in realtime

Depends how we use it .
With SIRI like technology there will be no need of a Personal Assistant too 😒 to remind and fix up meetings

P.S : Every good comes with a evil associated with it
Its depends how you define good and evil 😎
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 19 Dec, 2011
I guess it is a boon for the matured and a bane for the immatured!
The reason is, my boss is a gadget tech savvy and he is from a village. When he used to go to his place, a kid of the age 5 used his iPad to play games and stuff and got addicted, to be apt, got mad! It drives him crazy without the iPad and ... You know what! It has adverse effects on kids like this.
@Anoop Mathew • 08 Nov, 2012 Has SIRI done a good job? 😒 Any first hand takes on this?

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