frequency synthesizer or language converter

sir i am a final year student and as a project submission, i want to make frequency synthesizer i.e. if i speak then the device convert it into another frequency of another person like lata mangashkar, etc or a language converter which can convert language like if i speak in english then it will translate it in french etc.
Is it feasible? if yes then how can i make it?
please give me directions.....😐


  • [Prototype]
    If you could do that, you can very well open a new startup and get rich. Giants like google cannot do proper translation of text between languages.

    I would say this is an extreme overkill for a BE project. Its not like you buy some chips, hook them up and it works. This one requires research which could spawn well over decades. Just my thought.
  • Tushar Varshney
    Tushar Varshney
    thanks for your opinion. but i want to know that how can i make a start up.
    i buffered a lot but i haven't find any useful stuff. what to do?

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