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cooltwins • Feb 4, 2010

frequency divider network.

today i came across the term frequency divider circuit. the main function is that it will reduce the frequency by a certain value.i know about cropping of the amplitude of a signal but how do we crop the frequency off? is it something like frequency modulation (FM). what components are generally used in reduction of frequencies? anybody knows?
360degrees • Feb 4, 2010
By using a Phase Look Loop (PLL),we can obtain frequency divider network...
sanks85 • Feb 4, 2010
ya thats true... the division of freq. is one of the main applications of phase locked loop can crop your freq. using the ckt of PLL in your project,,,
360degrees • Feb 8, 2010
ya..PLL's are used to provide the Local Oscillator (LO) for up-conversion during transmission, and down-conversion during reception

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