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@akesh • 30 Dec, 2009
hi sir
i want to organise some intersting and new events in my college technical event which was going to held on feb so please give me some ideas about new technical events in the fest. To attract all other branches also please give me reply fastly please sir.whether its technical to mech or else branches. please post your views urgently.
thank you sir

@anudeepshetty • 25 Aug, 2011 pls suggest me a name for technical fest events..specified to mechanical wing.
we have planned to conduct lathe modelling.
part modelling and assemblies in solidworks software..pls rply at the earliest.
@jhbalaji • 31 Aug, 2011 Solving Rubick Cube
or something like Root Kriya
@hp_00 • 31 Aug, 2011 the events are 1. goldberg mechanisms 2. mechanical robots which convert potential energy to kinetic energy 3. junkyard in junkyard keep the task to assemble a helicopter of a plane or either make a robot war model and then carry same model for the competition 4. bridge making competition with the help of icecream sticks and thread min weight to be lifted is 5 -7 kg 5. make crane on the spot with some of the given geared motors and thread to lift up the weight of 1-5 kg as per the plans if requre more ideas then visit some of the sites of iits or nits and u may also try out for other universities..

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