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Flip Cover Vs. Back Cover - What do you prefer for your smartphone?

Question asked by Dipankar Ganguly in #Debates on Nov 15, 2017
Dipankar Ganguly
Dipankar Ganguly 路 Nov 15, 2017
Rank C3 - EXPERT
The recent trend in smartphones getting all glass body design, the bezel-less edge to edge displays with glass back is making them very susceptible to damage when dropped from a height. Even with those corning gorilla glass 5 or with Apple's 'most durable glass ever on a smartphone', we all know that glass is glass and it needs protection. So to protect our shiny new devices, we generally get two main options, the flip cover or a back cover.

The flip covers provide a complete protection by securing both the screen and back from smudges, scratches and also prevents accidental touch inputs on the screen. Some flip covers can even be transformed and used as a stand which helps if you want to watch a movie resting the device on a flat top. But on the downside, flip covers turn your stylish phone into a bulky one and interfere with the one-handed operation of your device. Also with flip covers, taking pictures using the rear camera in landscape mode becomes difficult with the flip part dangling outside.

The back covers, on the other hand, provides less protection than flip covers but scores on the other points where the flips fail. Back covers are available in different colors and custom designs which sometimes enhance your smartphone's look and feel. Also, one-handed operation faces no hindrance with the back covers. But with these on, you might have to use a screen protector to protect the screen from getting shattered during a fall.

So, what are your preferences with the protection options for your smartphone? Voice your opinion in the comments below. Posted in: #Debates
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare 路 Nov 15, 2017
Rank A1 - PRO
I recently completely broke my Redmi smartphone's screen as it fell down the stairs after a lady pushed me. It fell on the corner edge and the impact was so big that the scratches went all over the display screen's glass. I had to get it replaced for a heavy-on-pocket amount of Rs. 3000. 馃様 I had had enough.

Now I am a huge hater of bulky smartphones. Lightweight works best for me and therefore I kept the idea of getting any kind of cover for my smartphone at bay. But now that I had broken the glass of my smartphone, I started seriously considering getting some kind of cover, and realised that Mi offers flip covers that aren't that heavy in weight. Got myself that.

Now the difference between a back cover and a flip cover is such that, one covers only the rear end while other one covers both sides.

One of my friends always cringes when anyone pulls a smartphone on the table-top as it leaves scratches on the smartphone's rear end and she has a big OCD about

Take a look at these pictures -
back-cover Flip-Cover

Which one do you think can keep your smartphone more safe and secure? I think in the battle of back cover vs. flip cover, the latter wins hands down because it gives much more safety against scratches, dirt etc. Whereas back cover seems like more of a fashionable accessory and nothing else.

Dipankar Ganguly
screen protector to protect the screen from getting shattered during a fall
Trust me, it doesn't work. I have seen SO many smartphone falls and glass break cases, that I find Gorilla Glass is a sham. 馃榿

Would love to hear more thoughts on this.
Eng.asish kumar
Eng.asish kumar 路 Nov 15, 2017
Rank D1 - MASTER
back cover when i used flip cover the weight of my mobile will increase, so i prefered back cover
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare 路 Nov 16, 2017
Rank A1 - PRO
I personally use a back cover for my Samsung phone. Flip covers are too difficult to use. I however like the transparent ones.
Dipankar Ganguly
Dipankar Ganguly 路 Nov 16, 2017
Rank C3 - EXPERT
Ankita Katdare
I think in the battle of back cover vs. flip cover, the latter wins hands down because it gives much more safety against scratches, dirt etc.
When it comes to protection, flip covers are better for sure. But if we consider the other aspects, like convenience, then the back covers scores more. 馃憤 I used both flip and back covers for my previous smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. And with the flip cover on, it was very difficult to take up phone calls, check notifications or even time in one hand in crowded situations like bus/metro. Clicking pictures with the rear camera is also very inconvenient.
Back covers have no such issue but provide lesser protection. For me, it is fine, as with the flips, I have to deal with the inconvenience daily in an attempt to protect my phone from that unlikely event of a shattering drop. So, with my new Galaxy S7, I chose a transparent back cover and a tempered glass for protection. 馃槑
Satya Swaroop Dash
Satya Swaroop Dash 路 Nov 16, 2017
Rank A3 - PRO
I have been the user of flip covers the day since I bought my first smartphone. My preferred brand is Goospery or Mercury as they are known in some markets. They can be bought off EBay at much lower prices than any other flip cover and they have served both of my smartphones well. The one that I have put on my Nokia Lumia 730 is over two years old and even after all this time it still looks brand new. Yes, it does add to the weight of the smartphone but it provides a well thought out protection as well. I do not like back covers because they do nothing to protect the front. I am not talking about falls that will break your display if they are hard enough but minor contrivances like dust on display. I live in Bhubaneswar and it gets pretty hot in summer and while holding a smartphone to talk will result in a sweat stained display which has to be cleaned every time after a call. Since you do not have microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol (which is the correct way to clean smartphone displays) you use your shirt or pant which again messes the screen guard whether it鈥檚 a plastic one or a tempered glass one.

If you hate covers outright whether its back or flip but still need protection for your smartphone then I might suggest looking into this. This is called Grip and has been made by the company dbrand that also makes phone skins. You can use the Grip to protect the phone from falls without adding any bulk or hiding your smartphone鈥檚 outer beauty. Sadly this product is brand new and has been made for premium smartphones like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and Note series, Pixel and OnePlus.
Rucha Wankhede
Rucha Wankhede 路 Nov 18, 2017
Rank C1 - EXPERT
The battle between the two seems to be long going. Personally I have used both, and currently have a back cover. It provides me an easy look of the screen and is minimalist by design. It is also cheaper than the flip one with proper and easy grip. Flip covers on the other hand were a little difficult to shoot photos and videos (in landscape mode) with flip part dangling outside.

If you usually keep your phone in bag/purse with other items like keys/pens flip cover can be a good option since it protects the screen from scratches effectively. It is a bit difficult however for one hand use. The back covers are easy to use with one hand and ideal if you tend to keep your phone in pocket. Most new-age phones come with Gorilla Glass protection so they are scratch proof; however not shatter proof. So if you drop your phone, back covers wont be of much help.

I think the choice really depends on one's usage and convenience. Since each option has its own advantages and fall-outs there is no one-size-fits all solution for this.
Sharfudeen Mohamed Ibrahim
Rank C3 - EXPERT
I prefer NO COVERS for my mobile as well as for my Galaxy Tab. Because, i'm not comfortable with covers as it increases the weight also the size of the device.

~Rude Boy 馃榿
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare 路 Jan 27, 2020
Rank A1 - PRO

It's 2020 and I still haven't figured out what is a better idea for my phone. I am using a back cover since 6 months for my smartphone, but it gets easily cracked on the edges 馃槚聽 as I basically am the kind of person who drops her phone randomly. I switched to a flip cover over a year ago, but it made my smartphone so BULKY that it was too heavy for my jeans' front pocket.

I have tried plastic as well as silicon back covers but never the costly versions. What have you guys tried? What works best for you?

Noothan Kumar
Noothan Kumar 路 Jan 27, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Actually there is no much difference between Flip cover and Back cover..

By 聽using flip cover that will protect your screen and by using back cover that will not provide much secure for your phone.. Flip cover will attract the persons compare to back cover so i prefer if you are senior use flip cover for college student back cover is ok for them...

Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
Rank A2 - PRO

Coverless works good for me.I had Redmi note 3in the past and now using a Iphone 5s .i bought Redmi note 3 during its launch due to its shiny gold finish.I hate putting some covers over it.Many people who had initial Redmi models would have observed that its little slippery but its ok for me.Now in iphone too,i dont use a back cover instead using both side temper glass for the only reason people who get phone from me returns the phone to table which indeed leaves scratches on it.Apart from it i go with coverless.

Mohana Chandra
Mohana Chandra 路 Jan 27, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

I can handle my phone safely almost,the reason behind this saying is this only one crack at a corner of my phone,that too on the tempered glass . I brought this smartphone in 2015 November, I am still using it.馃槀 because i am planning to buy my next smartphone with my First Salary馃槏聽. Though Flip cover is protective than the back cover , I prefer "Back Cover".

Aklavaya Chaturvedi
Aklavaya Chaturvedi 路 Oct 26, 2020

As a civil engineer I always work on roads , when I earned my first wages then I bought redmi note 2 , a good device I bought a stylish back cover for it but it was bulky too , I used it for four months and after 4 months accidentally I dropped my phone and for my surprise even after having a tempered glass and a thick phone case cracks grew over it and covered the whole device I was shocked after looking at it I was literally crying inside that all my savings were flushed , then I started using a normal feature phone and then after 1 year I got a promotion and a salary increase after getting an increase I bought redmi note 4 , but this time I used my brain and bought a flip cover and since then from redmi note 4 to Apple iPhone XR , I still use flip cover because it protects my device and if you are also a working professional then you should use only and only a flip cover because it will protect your device , but if you are not pron to drop your phone then you can go caseless or you can use a simple back cover .

Arnav Ghosh
Arnav Ghosh 路 Oct 27, 2020

Well, whenever I am out of my home, I use a Fluffy Back cover (Fluffy enough to Withstand some fall damage)!But when I come back, I change the cover and apply an DIY Cover made by me with a water cooler attached at back!馃槅LOL, Now My Phone becomes game beast at homee and teddy bear when i go out!

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