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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Dec 8, 2013

Facebook news feed to deliver high quality content - Source is your friends & pages you like

Facebook has been on a spree to make changes to the WAY it delivers its content to the users through its NEWS FEED.
One has to believe that the source of all your news feed items is your friends and the pages you've chosen to hit LIKE on. As the company refines its approach, it will start distinguishing more and more between different types of content. At this point in time though, Facebook’s definition of “high quality” content worthy of being shown in a News Feed is “mostly at the source level”.

It will make these changes by pushing down things like 'meme photos’ making them harder to see.

Facebook’s News Feed manager Lars Backstorm said “We don’t really think about it that much in terms of promoting and demoting certain kinds of content. The way we think about it is that we’re doing a better job of identifying value”.

Anybody here is changing any change in their News Feeds?

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