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Facebook is #1 Social Network In India. Orkut is #2 now.

Question asked by Kaustubh Katdare in #Coffee Room on Aug 25, 2010
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Aug 25, 2010
Rank A1 - PRO
Mumbai, India, August 25, 2010 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a report on traffic to Social Networking sites in India, revealing that Facebook.com grabbed the number one ranking in the category for the first time in July with 20.9 million visitors, up 179 percent versus year ago.

“The social networking phenomenon continues to gain steam worldwide, and India represents one of the fastest growing markets at the moment,” said Will Hodgman, comScore executive vice president for the Asia-Pacific region. “Though Facebook has tripled its audience in the past year to pace the growth for the category, several other social networking sites have posted their own sizeable gains.”

More than 33 million Internet users age 15 and older in India visited social networking sites in July, representing 84 percent of the total Internet audience. India now ranks as the seventh largest market worldwide for social networking, after the U.S., China, Germany, Russian Federation, Brazil and the U.K. The total Indian social networking audience grew 43 percent in the past year, more than tripling the rate of growth of the total Internet audience in India.
Growth of Top 10 Social Networking Markets Worldwide
July 2010 vs. July 2009
Total Worldwide – Age 15+, Home & Work Locations*
Source: comScore Media Metrix

Social Networking Unique Visitors

Jul-2009 Jul-2010 % Change
Worldwide 770,092 945,040 23%
United States 131,088 174,429 33%
China N/A 97,151 N/A
Germany 25,743 37,938 47%
Russian Federation 20,245 35,306 74%
Brazil 23,966 35,221 47%
United Kingdom 30,587 35,153 15%
India 23,255 33,158 43%
France 25,121 32,744 30%
Japan 23,691 31,957 35%
South Korea 15,910 24,962 57%
*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Facebook Takes Top Spot among Social Networking Sites in India
Facebook.com posted an especially strong month in July, growing 12 percent versus June, to capture the top spot in the category with 20.9 million visitors. Orkut ranked second with 19.9 million visitors (up 16 percent vs. year ago), followed by BharatStudent.com with 4.4 million visitors (up 3 percent). Twitter.com had the highest rate of growth among the top five social networking sites, increasing 239 percent to 3.3 million visitors. Yahoo! owned two of the top ten social networking sites: Yahoo! Pulse (3.5 million visitors) and Yahoo! Buzz (1.8 million visitors).
_____________________________________________________________________Top Social Networking Sites in India
July 2010 vs. July 2009
Total India – Age 15+, Home & Work Locations*
Source: comScore Media Metrix

India Total Unique Visitors (000)

Jul-2009 Jul-2010 % Change
Total Internet: Total Audience 35,028 39,562 13
Social Networking 23,255 33,158 43
Facebook.com 7,472 20,873 179
Orkut 17,069 19,871 16
Bharatstudent.com 4,292 4,432 3
Yahoo! Pulse N/A 3,507 N/A
Twitter.com 984 3,341 239
LinkedIn.com N/A 3,267 N/A
Zedge.net 1,767 3,206 81
Ibibo.com 1,562 2,960 89
Yahoo! Buzz 542 1,807 233
Shtyle.fm 407 1,550 281
*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

About comScore
comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital marketing intelligence. For more information, please visit www.comscore.com/companyinfo. Posted in: #Coffee Room
Aashish Joshi
Aashish Joshi · Aug 25, 2010
Rank B1 - LEADER
no wonder, facebook's facade is so nice and easy to understand..coupled with the tons of games you can play its is T-H-E in thing. On the other hand, whenever I open orkut i feel i've been transported back to the 90s.. 😁
Pensu · Aug 25, 2010
Rank B1 - LEADER
But this data doesn't include the access from the internet cafe and the difference is also of just 1002 visitors.....orkut may be a winner overall.....!!
vijaymp · Aug 26, 2010
Rank D2 - MASTER
orkut is obviously a nice social networking site... No doubt about it.
sushant005 · Aug 26, 2010
Rank C1 - EXPERT
may be the orkut is nice social networking site a bit slower then Facebook.I mean to say that it(orkut) takes longer time to open the home page then the facebook.

Not only facebook become the no.1 social in INDIA but is also ready to cross yahoo in no. of registered visitor.

According to comScore's data shows that now facebook is lagging behind yahoo with only 50 millions visitors.Now yahoo hold its third place with 622 million registered visitors in July and
Facebook has already crossed the 500 million mark in July.

If we have a quick look to the previous year statistics it shows that the gap between Yahoo! and Facebook has narrowed considerably since the end of 2009, when it stood at 125 million. Facebook gained 20 million visitors in July from the month before. On the other hand, Yahoo statistics remained completely static.It shows that facbook is increasingly becoming the favorite for all.

And Google and Microsoft site maintains their first and second position respectively and yahoo is at third spot and also Facebook is ready to cross yahoo.

gohm · Aug 26, 2010
Rank A3 - PRO
I'm suprised to see how low LinkedIn is there as it is a great business networking media.
mohit007kumar00 · Aug 26, 2010
Rank B2 - LEADER
If any one concentrated on the new orkut profile you must find that orkut copied some features of facebook.
Sahithi Pallavi
Sahithi Pallavi · Aug 29, 2010
Rank A2 - PRO
Really No wonder. Orkut was down!!
All are exciting about facebook's , twitter's features.

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