About 40% of the heat energy is wasted in exhaust gas emitted by automobiles. In this project i am making attempt to recover exhaust heat energy by using shape memory alloys (SMA). SMA is group of metals that has the ability to regain its original shape after deformation. When we apply external load on an SMA it deforms to any shape. It regains its original shape when heated. This ability can be used to produce linear displacement. The linear displacement is converted into rotary motion by adapting proper methodology. The rotary motion is used to generate electricity with the help of coils and magnets.What i need now for this project is the list of shape memory alloys which can be so effective for exhaust gas energy recovery. Anybody pls give some material suggestions.
I searched internet but no exact name for the material found..


  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    My suggestion. Do some other project. If you think this through you will realize that you are not recovering heat energy but the original mechanical energy that went into distorting the metal. Heat energy can be recovered only if there is a temperature difference. In SMA the transformation is a single point change. There is no energy involved. SO you are not harvesting exhaust heat. Existing superchargers do that.
    We use Nitinol SMA for some medical device applications.
    You will get all the info that you want here:
  • Velshankar MJ
    Velshankar MJ
    Yes sir thank u. I think super chargers work well in varying engine speeds. But in this concept the efficiency of the system is directly proportional to the temperature. The efficiency of the system is given by change in temperature divided by maximum temperature. The higher the temperature differences higher the efficiency. Due to increasing temp there are any problems we will face??

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