• Exergy 2012 is a Technical Fest organized by Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), Mumbai.

    "When all think alike, then no one is thinking."
    -Walter Lippman

    It's the one word that defines Exergy, the annual technical festival of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. With participants coming in from 75 colleges and 35 cities across India, Exergy is the biggest Chemical technology festival in India, and provides a platform for undergraduate students from all over the country to exercise their technical prowess to come up with innovative and green solutions to some of the pressing issues faces by the chemical industry and the world at large.

    Exergy 2012 invites you to experience its spectacular lineup of events including the Prodigy series of events, Pharma events and a unique set of general events including the enormously popular Ignite ICT- designed to give a highly stimulating and enjoyable experience.

    In addition, The Exergy MasterClass and Lecture series- a series of thought-provoking talks on the different academic, research and practical aspects of the chemical industry by experts in the field, for all participating and future engineers.

    Prodigy Events:
    It inclues likes of Affichem, Simplant and IDPs have been appreciated by industry heavyweight, and win in one of these highly coveted.

    Pharma Series:
    It offers participants to display not just their pharma knowledge but also their flair at setting up shop, selling and marketing their products, and even creating some!

    General Events:
    Including the most popular, C.S.I (Crime Scene Investigation), Amazing Race, Bulls and Bears, Dexter's Lab are guaranteed to blow your mind away!

    The world famous idea sharing platform is back for its second edition at Exergy 2012. With a five minute deadline, and a twenty slide power point presentation participants need to put their points across in the crispet, sharpest of ways, be they on the origins of the universe or on Barney's playbook!

    Exergy, over the years, has worked towards finding solutions to the major crises faces by the world. In the past, Exergy has taken on various issues and causes including 'Zero Carbon Footprint' and 'Sapling Plantation Drive' among others.

    The water crisis facing the world today is worse than ever, with the fast depletion of its freshwater reserves due to profligate consumption, pollution and global warming. A threat to life as we know it is imminent, and a solution imperative. With this in mind, Exergy 2012 is themed to water its appreciation, conservation and efficient management.

    For more details, queries and registration; visit their website:
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