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ES's Mathematical Puzzle - 2

This is a good one , read the question properly , dont use google you get the answer easily try it and post the easiest method to solve the same .

The sum of the digits of the 6- bigit number is 43

And only two of the following three statements about the number are true:

(1) it's a square number,
(2) it's a cube number, and
(3) the number is under 500000.
RajdeepCE • May 23, 2009
The number is 499849. This number satisfies the 1st (its a square of 707) and 3rd (less than 500000) conditions.
Is there any other answers, ES?
Rajdeep you rocking dude.

This is the only answer i too have 😀
RajdeepCE • May 23, 2009
Thanks ES, keep posting such great puzzles.
This puzzle messed my mind totally. Cause in the morning, I made a C code for this puzzle by considering the condition 2nd and 3rd. But I dont get any answer than I tried to combine all three coditions and here I messed up totally cause program wasn't working properly. Than I leave this for other CEans. But in the noon, I just checked my calculator that what is the square root of 500000, is was around 707.1, so I squared the 707 and surprise!!!! This was the answer I am searching for.

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