Entrepreneurship Day - 12 September

Kerala's Startup Village has decided to celebrate September 12 as 'Entrepreneurship Day'. The startup village, which is one of the biggest startup incubators in India has secured 1000 applications in 15 months and the state government has decided to rollout the 'Student Entrepreneurship' policy to the school going students. The policy aims at promoting entrepreneurship as a career among students. Approximately 10,000 students will be chosen from Classes VIII - XII through an online test. The selected students will be provided with computers and learning materials.

The Chief Minister of Kerala has declared that September 12, the anniversary of the Emerging Kerala meet will be celebrated as Entrepreneurship Day.

Though a very welcome move to create awareness about startup up your own business - I think too much of focus is going to the Information Technology & Internet or Mobile based startups. I hope steps will be taken to ensure that the wave of entrepreneurship reaches to other domains in technology as well.

What do you think about the idea of celebrating entrepreneurship day?


  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    When it comes to celebration, we are in. But speaking of the Entrepreneurship Day, this will obviously increase awareness of career options in school kids. But when you talk about applying it in all fields, Start-ups in my opinion cannot be expanded to each and every domain unless you have capital in-hand in the first place. So naturally people start with small web based, then move up the ladder to fulfill their dream generally.

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