Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law

Engineers are the core of entrepreneurship but the front end problems arise with legal hitches. Many startups fail in absence of proper compliance. Many vanish with bad contract deals. But most of the engineering startups just stay till our sketchbooks and journals due to lack of structuring knowledge.

Now one solution to the above mentioned could be spending lot of money on legal experts although, in this case, you have no control or knowledge of what trap you may get into. Also, the problem with this solution😀 is that not many of us are born with the golden spoons or have a sufficient VC/Angel backing.
There comes a solution that fixes all this roadblocks, the Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law course.

This one empowers the visionaries of our fraternity to enjoy the extra edge and skillset over their competitors. After this course, we have many stories of engineering entrepreneurs who have successfully structured their ventures and taking it to a new level. They've safeguarded their idea and execution plans from being copied or stolen. They even can draft and negotiate important contracts and deals themselves or monitor their legal team doing so without tricks.

If you have a dream and want guidance to achieve it - this is the ultimate tool for you. There is no comparable course in the market with specific content in easy/understandable language and available on cross-platforms for easier access.

For curiosity and doubts, post your questions below. 👍


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    Kaustubh Katdare
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