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@ramachandra • 11 Jan, 2010
Can you suggest me a good name for the magazine of an engineering college? The college is celebrating silver jubilee and releasing a magazine on this occasion.
sanskrit names are also accepted.last date is 15th me please.
@Vega • 11 Jan, 2010 1) Souvenir
2) Darpan
3) Reflection
@ramachandra • 12 Jan, 2010 thank you for answering me.can you please tell me what is meant by SOUVENIR?
@Ankita Katdare • 12 Jan, 2010 • 1 like A souvenir is something which you buy or keep to remind you of a holiday, place, or event.

I was part of the Computer magazine development team in my college.
We called it ''THE BYTE"

For a college magazine you can suggest names like:

'Sampada' - Reservoir of knowledge

Do let us know, what you finalize... 😀
@wlegend • 12 Jan, 2010 For Engineering college Magazine i suggest :
1) put the name of your school followd by Magazine ^^, it's that simple.
2) or : i like soo much the name : Phoenix , u know it's an Legend about an immortal bird
3) my last suggestion could be : Engineers Way

Good luck
@Redhu ruthroyoni • 02 Mar, 2015 Can you suggest a best name for our college magazine? My college name is Vins christian women's college of engineering. I need a perfect name related to electrical,electronics,computer science and civil

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