Engine starting and stopping..

I have a basic(silly!!) doubt about it.. When an ic engine(say 4 stroke) stops, it may stop at any position. When an engine is started, fuel supply and spark is given. But how its possible that it starts to run again in the same direction(CW-CCW)??
I mean, it should run in the same direction, but whats the mechanism which makes sure that engine runs in the same direction??


  • Fahad Bhatti
    Fahad Bhatti
    hi buddy!
    In cars there's a starting motor which drives the engine initially and is responsible for the direction of engine's movement. The terminals of the motor are connected to the fixed terminals of a battery which makes sure that direction of rotation is always the same.
    Thus every time the car starts , the motor gives the initial rotations and gives these in the same particular direction.
  • cshmech
    thanx Buddy(Bhatti)😁...
  • flash319
    Also the spark is advanced of TDC therefore if it were to start backwards it would not run because the spark would be behind TDC.
  • Raghavendra.RSP
    Hi, at first i had this same doubt, but i heared that angles between the connecting rods of pistons, and the crank shaft will make the engine to run in only one direction, is this correct! i think its only by starting motor.

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