Elevator escape during power failuers

I bet OTIS has developed a solution to the following common problem faced in many parts of India due to power failures -

During power failures, which is a very common problem in many parts of India, elevators get stuck in between the floors. In order to open the doors of the lift, it must be lowered/raised to the nearest floor & this process is little bit cumbersome. Normally the watchman would go to the lift control room (situated at the top of the building), release the brakes & then slowly rotate a wheel (do we have a special name to it?) to move the lift upwards/downwards. I don't think that's a good way to deal with the problem.

I suggest developing a mechanism where the lift would automatically start descending to the immediate floor whenever there is power failure. If not automatic, put a special button inside the lift which the passenger ( 😁 ) can press if there is any problem.

Got what I'm saying? Think its a good idea? What are different ways of solving this problem? Do we have someone on CE who works for any elevator manufacturing company? What are other existing solutions to this problem?

Comment! 😁

-The Big K-


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