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Electronics or Communication

Hi everyone,

I am currently doing bachelors in electrical and electronic engineering and in my third year I have to choose between electronics and communication which i don't have broad idea about. I tried to google but all i could find was electronics and communication merged. I would like to know about the scopes, research opportunities, which one has better chance of being dominant over another in coming decades, difficulty level (from your point of view) and any other things. I have few ideas about each one of these but still confused on choosing one (both seem interesting to me). Here are the courses I'll have to take in each group:

1. Random Signals and Processes
2. Digital Signal Processing
3. Microwave Engineering
4. Optical Fiber Communication
5. Digital Communication
6. Mobile Cellular Communication
7. Telecommunication

1. Analog Integrated Circuits
2. Processing and Fabrication Technology
4. Compound Semiconductor and Hetero-Junction Devices
5. Optoelectronics
6. Semiconductor Device Theory

Please give me your recommendations and help me decide which one to take.
Thanks in advance, 😀
Abhishek Rawal
Abhishek Rawal • Aug 24, 2015
I am an E.C graduate. However, I have never thought E.C as Electronics & Communication. I was/am more like 'Electronics & Computers' Engineer.

Trying to answering your question with my perspective, I like 'Electronics' much more than 'Communication'. I hate Communication, these Antennas and Sats doesn't fit in my brain that easily. DSP is interesting subject though.
Jeffrey Arulraj
Jeffrey Arulraj • Aug 24, 2015
A very good question here .

In my opinion as you are from a EEE back ground with very little knowledge in Communication, Go with Electronics. You will feel like being in your home ground.

But if you want to have a challenging year and want to learn a lot of new things altogether then go for Communication.

It all depends on your interest and nothing else have fun.
haitham jasim
haitham jasim • Dec 21, 2015

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