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@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Jan, 2013 • 1 like
We've a collection of mini-project ideas for electrical engineering students. Pick up the idea of your choice and expand on it. Feel free to ask questions, start discussions about any project topic that you like.

1. RFID based navigational guide at museums : Will play the relevant information / talk as you go closer to a painting.

2. NFC point of sale system: Could be a bit difficult to implement, but an interesting project to work on. Just bring your mobile near to the NFC tag and then enter the passcode to make the payment.

3. Bus alarm system for the visually impaired: As soon as the bus arrives, the sensor informs the blind person the bus details through voice recording.

4. Voice control system for the wheelchair - to be used in hospitals so that the patients can navigate on their own.

5. Monitoring pollution levels in an area using ZigBee networks.

6. GSM based automobile locator - which will auto-SMS the current location of the locomotive to preset mobile number.

7. Mobile app based electric pump control: Turn off or or water pump by sending an SMS to the device.

8. Motion sensor network to operate street lights throughout college campus for saving electricity bills.

9. SMS based home power automation system. Manage your power points in home via sending text message.

10. AADHAR card registration simulation - could be an interesting project where several sensors work in sync to uniquely identify a person and then make a registry to the central database.

These are just few ideas that you can expand on or combine to come up with even more innovative ideas. Feel free to discuss these project ideas in this thread.

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