Dual compound strategy by Goodyear in tire manufacturing

Dual Compound Strategy for Tires:

It may sound familiar but it is the new innovation that has been come up by the leading tyre maker

” Goodyear”. You have heard about the Nascar car championships which were famous for their steel tube frame designs and state of the art technologies utilized in it. Now to add to the new trending technologies, Goodyear on august 30,2013 introduced new tire in Advocare 500 race with simple yet effective method to improve the efficiency of tires. Mr. Stu Grant has said that nascar championships require tires with extreme characteristics which should resist abrasive road surfaces which causes extreme wear , while the length and layout promotes very high speeds. So the company planned to design a new tire with following combination.

1) To improve grip , Tire should have softer rubber,

2) To attain high speed and durability – Tire should be made by harder rubber.

So the Goodyear implemented a strategy of dual compound in the tire tread surface. By this strategy, Tire will have two zones namely , Traction zone and a Endurance zone. Traction zone for increased grip and Endurance zone for durability. The company has tested it and found that drivers were pleased by the new tires and improved stability.

What do you think about this new tire?


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