Download Your Private Messages!

Hello CEans!

I'm sure that not many of us are aware of this feature. The current private message box size is limited to 50 messages. If you have important messages in your private message box, please download them.

-How do I download my private messages?
Ans. Its simple!
  • Go to your private messages section. (Click the Private Messages link in the login box on the top-right corner of forum)
  • Scroll down and check the bottom-right corner. You will have the option to download messages in XML| CSV| Text format.
  • In order to download selected private messages, please select them using the checkbox & select an option in the dropdown box which appears at the bottom-right.
I hope this helps.

-The Big K-

p.s: Please use the private messaging feature if (& only if) necessary. We might do a message cleanup if needed.


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