Does CADD/CAM certificate help in Interview?

will doing certificate courses like CADD/CAM be a advantage in future .like when going to interview will the importance be given to the one who has finished the course ?????or can we manage without doing????


  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
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  • CE Designer
    CE Designer
    We are in a very competitive world, and we are also in the age of technology, so yes, it would be an advantage. If you have the opportunity to do it you shouild. Never pass up an opportunity to learn. You never know what you may end up doing.
  • adren022
    It'll be of great importance to a company involved in design and analysis. If your having one or two certifications that will mean they don't have to train you from the basics in those software. But be aware that in the interview you'll be asked tougher questions and mainly on this certifications so you have to be very good and justify that whatever the certificate says your able to do.

    And have a look at which company you want to join and then apply for a course as different companies use different software.
    go to their websites and look at the minimum job requirements for graduate engineers.

    Tata Motors - PRO-E / Solidworks
    Volvo - Patran, Nastran, StarCD.
    Production companies - HTRI, PV-Elite, AutoCADD.

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