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Do nationalistic sentiment or party politics decide energy policies?

Tirunelveli district in Tamilnadu has a host of windfarms. It is also the current centre of controversy about the Koodankulam Nuclear plant.
There has been some discussion in UK about the role of nationalistic sentiments and party politics (for some reason always labelled petty) in deciding its energy policies.
Considering the heat and dust generated in the media by the Koodankulam nuclear plant, what are the CEan views on this in India?

We need facts not nationalistic sentiment or party politics
Gurjap • Mar 15, 2012
"Nuclear Energy" is a front for "Nuclear Weapons". It is how governments explain their exploration of the nuclear option. As an energy source, nuclear energy is dangerous. Its by-products are highly toxic, not to mention radioactive. No technique has been developed yet to dispose of these, and they are merely being "stored" till one can be, which I think is highly unlikely.

We need nuclear weapons, and to defend our possession of the technique to make nuclear fuel we need nuclear power plants.

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